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Mountain Shadows School | Dublin, NH


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"They who simply climb to the peak of Monadnock have seen but little of the mountain. I came not to look off from it, but to look at it."
-- Henry David Thoreau


This quote from Henry David Thoreau is symbolically instructive of the value of process teaching used at Mountain Shadows. The unique character of our school is reflected in its setting. It is a small school, on a farm, in the shadows of Grand Monadnock, the mountain which stands alone. Mountain Shadows is committed to the individuality of the child as a learner and as a person. It is committed to the creation of a community which recognizes that childhood is a time of climbing mountains in which the process of the ascensions, the play and the tumbles, the curiosities and the dreams, the studying and the resourcefulness bring joy and delight to the summits.